Saturday, December 4, 2010

Drywall & Sliders

Our sliding doors have finally arrived and been installed, so we are officially "dried-in." The doors' arrival unblocked a logjam, and progress is now fast. Today was sunny in Seattle, so we managed to get some great pictures.

As you can see, the cedar rainscreen siding is now partially installed. We expected the factory-applied stain that we choose ("teak") to be darker, but we are none the less happy with how it looks.

You can see one of the sliding doors in the lower left. The biggest slider is 14 ft long and 8 ft high, and was carried perilously up this ramp.

A view from the inside of the long sliding door.

Drywall installation has started, and will finish next week.

The sun was out so we could get a peak of the Olympic mountains from the living room.

While the house is certainly looking great, a few small things have gone wrong. The Lindal windows are good quality but their hardware is quite outdated.

Brass? Seriously? While the brass door lock is easy to replace, the black plastic handles are looking more challenging to change. We're waiting to hear more after our superintendent looks at them more closely, and calls Lindal.

The garage door also arrived, but the pattern of glass mullions was incorrect; it was supposed to match the pattern in the window wall above. The garage door company went ahead and installed it temporarily, and will swap it out once new ones are made.

The house is really starting to feel real. Once drywall is finished, they'll start on flooring and trim. Since almost none of our interior finishes are custom, it's all going to come together really fast!


  1. very exciting to see it all really coming together finally!

  2. Very Nice, Aseem! The cedar siding adds some great contrast to the exterior.
    I'm amazed at how quick this has all gone up! Some of the other blogs I have read certainly cover a longer timeframe, kudos to Logan's!

  3. The "volume" inside the house (if that's the right word for it) looks amazing!

    What short of interior finishes will you have? Will you have any materials to absorb sound? We have hardwood and no drapes (only blinds) and we found when we moved into our new "modern" home that sound really seemed to echo. We're used to it now, but it was a bit surprising at first, coming from a more traditional house.

    I love the cedar siding - I think you indicated it's factory applied. How did you find this service? We looked and looked, but our cedar had to be sanded and stained manually - which was shockingly expensive. We also thought that a factory applied finish would be more uniform, but it was not to be.

    Can't wait to see how the house progresses!

    Toronto Modern

  4. Hi Toronto Modern, we will have concrete floors and roller shades on the windows; indeed, echo may be a problem, we'll have to see, I guess.

    Yes, the stain (Sikkens) is factory applied, which makes it more uniform. Honestly, I have no idea who provided us that service, but I don't have the impression it's rare or hard to get here in Seattle. Our architect suggested it be that way, and our siding subcontractor ordered the wood pre-stained (though I don't know from where).

  5. why did you go with sliders and not lift-slides? the airtightness of sliders is horrendous.

  6. Toronto modern: BTW, the company doing the staining was woodtone, at

    mike: lift and slides are much more expensive than regular siders, so we made the compromise.

  7. very cool! thanks for updating the blog with photos, etc. fun watching your project proceed.
    cheers, maxon house (

  8. Wow, that's nice! Modern houses are not complete without big windows. And what's nice about having huge windows is that they give you the BEST view of the outside EVER. Truly magnificent!


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