Monday, September 20, 2010

Framing complete!

The framing of our house was completed this past week (minus a few small details which must wait for scaffolding). You can see a complete album of photos, but here are a few choice images.

We were also able to get up on the roof and see the views from the top. They are indeed great! We can see the Olympic mountains, the Ballard bridge and port, and the Puget Sound. The mountain tops are obscured by clouds in the images below, but you can get the picture. The second image is a panorama of the whole thing; it's a big image so the details are small. As usual, it's more impressive in person.

Unfortunately, the very best views are out on the cantilever, where we weren't originally planning to have deck. Now we are considering adding some more deck out on the cantilever, though the cost could be substantial. Here are some images of the roof as it stands now.

The cantilever part:

The current deck area (with part blocked out for skylights and an in-line blower for the cooktop hood):

Also, it looks like the construction rock stars at Logan's are coming in under budget in a few areas, so we might have a little room to upgrade. Probably the extra deck area and railings will blow any extra funds, but other possibilities include upgrading the insulation and/or adding some exterior motorized shades for the third floor. I'd love to upgrade the insulation, but the options are dizzying (open or closed cell spray foam, blown-in cellulose, flash and batt, or extra airtightness like the "advanced drywall approach"), and the bids are coming in high.

One slightly unfortunate turn of events is the location of the electrical meter, which is visible at the front of the house. We didn't want it along the entryway to the front door, which isn't that wide to begin with, and code didn't allow us to put it behind the front door. So, we did what we had to do.

It poured rain this last weekend before they managed to get the roof on, so the images show some water. We spent an hour each day this past weekend brushing water out, but the roof is going on today so that phase should be over. Plumbing and electrical rough-ins are in progress! Pretty soon I'll start listing some of our finish choices.


  1. Good job getting that water off your OSB!

  2. Yay! Looks great! I am so excited to see the progress for you kids!

  3. It looks fantastic. It's really coming along!

  4. we built new modern house in colorado last year. we wanted well insulated house but on another side we didn't want to spend too much money for that because our budget. we used closed cell spray insulation 1" in walls and 2" in ceiling and rest is batt insulation. this option saved us too much and house is well insulated. colorado has cold winter and there was really warm in our house and our bills were really low comparing with our friends. you can read more on our blog

  5. There are a couple of insulation installers in Seattle that use Greenfiber cellulose insulation. You might want to give them a try for pricing.

    Good luck.

    Gary 206-214-0157
    USI 425-881-2666

  6. How are you getting the water off your roof? It seems like a pretty expansive roof area and there's only a double plate at the edge based on your latest framing photos. Did you need to add more depth at the edge condition to get the slope needed for roof drainage? Perhaps they added another plate or maybe there's internal roof drains.

    ....Just wondering. The house looks fantastic!

  7. Luke, the whole roof is gently sloped towards scuppers, though it's hard to tell from the photos. Then, there will be collection boxes to collect the water from the scuppers and drains from there.

  8. How's the progress, Aseem? Think it's going well judging by the Facebook updates I've seen on pB's profile.
    Hope you're closed in at least, the weather has turned the last 2 weeks..


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