Sunday, August 29, 2010

Third level floor is up

A quick update with some pictures of the floor of our third level.

We were able to stand on the third floor, which will contain our living & dining room and kitchen, and see the views. They are more screened than we had hoped, but still very open feeling (felt a bit like a tree house). The roof-top deck will more likely have killer views. Here is a panorama of the views (stitched using my own technology shipped in Adobe Photoshop), and a close-up of the Ballard bridge that can been seen from a corner of our living room (unfortunately captured on a cloudy day).


  1. From Toronto Modern:

    Love the house numbers in the concrete! What a clean and elegant solution.

    Would you consider using some uplighting to highlight the numbers at night? Got to make sure the take out deliveries get to your house while the food is hot :-)

  2. We actually will have uplights on the numbers! It's already wired for it, we just have to put in the fixture at the end of the process.


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