Monday, November 22, 2010

Wood windows, Stucco, Insulation

I'm long overdue for an update. The white aluminum siding is almost entirely on, except for the area under the cantilever.

The first two coats of the labor-intensive, three coat stucco process is applied. The final coat must wait thirty days for the second coat to dry and set. What you see now is called the "brown" coat, but the color isn't that far from what we want.

Finally, the wood windows from Lindal are installed.

Unfortunately, the wood sliding doors have yet to arrive, which explains the bubbled and boarded-over areas on the west side of the house.

Lindal makes great windows, but they've consistently over-promised and under-delivered when it comes to scheduling; they've yet to actually deliver their product on the day that they promised. Oh well. The newest schedule is that we'll receive the sliding doors Monday.

Finally, insulation is installed. We ended up going with standard fiberglass batts, though I had my superintendent walk through the house with the sub-contractors and foam anywhere he saw daylight. So, hopefully we're a little more air-tight than usual.

Drywall has been delivered. We've passed framing and insulation inspections. Once the sliders are installed and drywall is finished, the fun of interior finishes begin! I'm also looking forward to the wood siding, which should warm up the exterior.


  1. It looks okay to me and the materials that you are using are quite good I can say. I don't want to give any further comments as long as its not done. I hope it will turn out okay.

  2. Windows look beautiful. I'm curious to know ... can you tell me how do these price? I understand if you don't want to disclose costs, but perhaps can say how these compared to other brands you might have considered?

    I'm building on the eastern side of the state and in the process of choosing windows. Thanks!


  3. I believe the Lindal windows, including 3 sliding doors not in the pictures(one with a double-door, 14 ft long) were about $17.5k, and the Milgard windows were about $13k.


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